How to Find an Insurance Agent Near You

I am looking for agents in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I am not sure how to find them through your site. Agents on your Main street with names would be helpful.


We don't keep a directory of agents on our site because it would be impossible to keep it current! Agents change all the time. Your best bet is to look for an agent through: an independent insurance agents association either regionally or nationally; your local state's department of insurance in the US; an insurance broker association either regionally or nationally; or, through an online insurance quote service (which will refer you to either a company or an agent in many cases).

In the US, your best bet is the state department of insurance. Since they are aware of all insurance companies working in your state, they often also have listings of agents.

For you in Wisconsin, there is a professional association of agents. You can find an agent near you through their website at:

If you were looking for an insurance agent in Canada, you could use It's an interesting new service which allows you to look for an insurance agent within a certain radius. In fact, it will help you find a whole host of services -- not just insurance ones. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find anything comparable for the US.
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