How To File An Auto Insurance Claim

How do I file an automobile claim for damages?


The first thing you have to do is to contact your insurer. In most cases, a simple phone call will suffice. Your insurer will inform you of any documentation that they need. Often, an accident report from your local police station will be a requirement, especially if another vehicle was involved. If no other vehicle was involved, or you are filing a claim because you discovered damage to your car (hit and run or other cause), then you will have to document the damage, and give as many details on how it happened (if you know) to your insurer.

Once the claim process has started, you can expect an insurance adjuster to visit you. The adjuster will inspect the damage, and make a report of their own. They may also be able to inform you on the spot regarding how much money you can expect your insurance company to pay for your claim.

Every insurance company will have some unique features to their own claims process. Therefore, it's always best to contact your insurer as soon as possible, and find out their requirements.
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