Insurance for Sports Leagues

Do you not have insurance links for sports leagues?


We don't have a specific page of links for sports leagues. However, I'll be happy to cover the topic in this blog entry!

Insurance for sports leagues is a specialized form of insurance. If you are looking for insurance for an amateur league, your insurance needs will be different than if you are looking to insure a professional team. We'll deal with amateur leagues here.

Your main needs for amateur leagues is liability insurance. You'll need liability for the team, to cover such things as bodily injury, property damage and personal injury (which could include defamation of character, libel, slander and false arrest). You don't just need coverage to protect you from spectators who might be injured by the game's activities; you also need participant liability. This protects the team and its assets from lawsuits by players.

You might want to consider other coverage, depending on what your team can afford and the likelihood of problems. Sports equipment insurance will protect equipment owned by the league against fire and theft losses. (You can buy coverage that will provide you with replacement value, but it will be at higher cost.)

Sports injuries insurance is another coverage to consider, especially if your sport is one that can result in a lot of injuries. This type of insurance is accident medical insurance for players and coaches injured in team activities.

In today's litigious climate, your team could consider Sports Director Insurance. This protects the leagues management and administration personnel against lawsuits for such reasons as discrimination, wrongful suspension of players, wrongful dismissal of coaches, or failure to provide adequate insurance to players.

You might also consider theft and crime insurance. This protects the league from employees or volunteers who steal from the league.
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