French Speaking Car Insurer in Ontario

I have recently arrived from France and am looking for a car insurer in Ontario who conducts business in French as I don't speak English well enough yet to understand terms, etc. Can you direct me please. So far, any companies that I have phoned claiming to be French, have directed me to a Quebec number where they speak French but are unable to give me quotes for Ontario as they are out of province. I am stuck.


I'm not aware of all the bilingual car insurance companies in Ontario, but I am aware of one. Have you considered Belair Direct? They are on the web at

Their website is in both English and French for Ontario. I've taken a quick look at the both the English and French sites for Ontario. While my french is not as good as I'd like, it does appear to me that you can get all the same information on the French site as the English site, and you can clearly purchase Ontario car insurance in French.
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