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How do I find an insurance company name by using the company's insurance code?  I need to locate an Auto Insurance company who has a driver that wrecked my car. The police officer wrote the insurance code and not the name of the company.


I've consulted with another insurance professional on this on, and I believe that you have a couple of things that you need to do:

1. Get the police report from your accident. It should have the contact information of the other person. It may even include the full name of the insurance company from the other party's insurance information. You might get a lawyer to send a letter to this person, to ensure that things get moving. You want that person to contact their insurance company, and ensure that the claims process gets started. You also want to get the information on the insurance company yourself; a lawyer's letter helps to create more pressure to get that.

2. Be sure to contact your own insurance company. They will likely want to help to locate the other insurance company and party, so that the full cost of the claim does not fall onto your insurer's shoulders!

3. Still looking for the other party's insurance company by company code? Try your state department of insurance. This is information that they may keep on all insurers operating in your state.

4. Is everyone stumped? Try AMBest. AMBest captures information on auto insurers. Perhaps they can help to find a company by an insurance company number.

In the opinion of the industry experts that I consulted, the insurance company number is either unique to the state where you live or you were given a useless piece of information. It's certainly not something that I've come across in my career in insurance.
Posted by on September 30,2006 at 10:57 AM
I've got an update to this posting. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) keeps a "company code" on insurance companies that operate in more than one state. It could be that this number is the one that you've been given. How a police officer would have given you this number is a mystery, however. If you want to check your company code, you would have to contact the NAIC directly, as they do not provide a way to search by this number. Their website is

This website also provides a tool to help you go directly to your state's insurance commissioner. You can find it at:
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