Finding Rural Life Insurance Company of Dallas

My question concerns Rural Life Insurance Company of Dallas that operated in the '40's & '50's and maybe '60's. Our policy was bought April 28, 1954. Sometime in the next few years, we received a letter saying that the company had been bought. We cannot find that information, and we would like to know who bought it, their address etc. so that we may contact them.


I found Rural Life through the Texas Department of Insurance search function. You can find this function at

It seems that Rural Life was merged into South Coast Life Insurance of Houston, Texas in 1955. It changed its name to South Coast Insurance Liquidating Company in 1967. This merged into Great National Life in 1969. Then, by a long chain of events, it became All American Life of Chicago, Illinois by 1993. By 2002, the assets had been transferred to American General Life of Houston, Texas.

As far as I can tell, the company is still operating under the name of American General Life. You can contact them at:

Mailing Address:  P O Box 1591
 2727 A Allen Parkway
 Houston TX 77251-1591
Office Number: (713)831-3174
Toll Free Number: (800)231-3655

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