Trying to Find USLife

I am looking for an insurance company that used to be in Des Moines, IA.  Then called USLife Ins Co.  I was an employee there until the company moved to Texas around 1980.  I am trying to locate them because I was in a pension fund and am now wondering where the funds for that pension ended up.


Interestingly enough, the assets of USLife look as if they belong to American General Life Insurance, although the trail is a bit difficult to follow. USLife looks as if it became USLife Life Insurance, and then went through a number of changes to merge into American General Life. I'd try contacting them at:

Mailing Address:  P O Box 1591
 2727 A Allen Parkway
 Houston TX 77251-1591
Office Number: (713)831-3174
Toll Free Number: (800)231-3655

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