Insurance Company Still In Business?

How do I find out if a company is still in business?


You have a variety of sources to find that information. Probably your most direct route for any insurance company in the US is to contact your state's department of insurance.

Another way to check is to go to the website for A.M. Best ( This company keeps a database of information on insurance companies. You have to become a "member" in order to search their site, but the membership is free. You simply have to register.

Another option is to use the free search tool on the DNB site ( Type in the company name and see what information comes up. If the company is in existence, DNB should be able to give you a current address and contact information.

If you live in Texas, or are dealing with an insurer that has offices in Texas, the website for the Texas Department of Insurance has one of the best tools for tracking past and present insurers that I've ever seen. It's also free. Not only will you find out if the company is still in business, but you should be able to track any name changes or merges or acquisitions, so that you can find out who is currently responsible for your insurance policy.
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