Insurance For A Livery Yard

My friend and I have just taken over a stable yard with 20 boxes and 13 acres. We are already insured with Countryside Alliance and we are making sure our customers are as well. There won't be any riding lessons going on; we will just be a livery yard. Please tell me what other insurance we need.


You need to have insurance on the property to cover all the standard perils. You should also have insurance to cover any of the kinds of severe weather or other phenomena in your area. So, depending on where you are located, your insurance agent could easily recommend whether you need wind, water, hurricane, earthquake, tornado or other insurance.

On top of that, you should have good liability coverage -- I'd suggest an umbrella liability policy for the business. This needs to be high enough coverage so that if any accident takes place on your property, you will be covered. Given your business, I would think that you should have a minimum of $5-10 Million in liability coverage. This will cover you for injury to people while at your business.

You will also need liability to cover injury to animals, es. You should get liability coverage in a "livestock" policy which will cover the animals on your farm.

You don't tell me any other aspects of your business, and whether you have insurance on the business itself. I would discuss these details with a knowledgeable agent who deals with farm business insurance. If you don't know of a good agent in town, speak to some local farmers about their business, and get a referral. It's your best bet to find a good agent.
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