Problem with American Strategic Insurance

I just renewed my wind policy with American Strategic Insurance and sent them a check.  They cashed it on and then I got a letter from my agent saying the policy has been cancelled! Can they do this? Why cash the check and then cancel me?


The reason they would cash the check and then cancel you is that cashing the check is handled by a separate department from renewing your policy. Insurers are such large companies internally, such a disconnect could easily happen.

As to why they would cancel you, that is another question. Have you made a claim recently? Are you located in an area that has recently experienced a lot of severe weather? If so, they may have deemed you "high risk".

I would ask for more information from the insurer directly.

I don't know your state, or I would also have contacted your state Department of Insurance. You can find your Insurance Department by using this free tool at the NAIC site:

See if there are complaints regarding this insurer. If you speak with someone at the Insurance Department, you should be able to check what your rights are in this case.
Posted by B on February 3,2007 at 8:48 PM
FYI : American Strategic Insurance DOES NOT write WIND POLICIES
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