Insurance Coverage for Lap Band Surgery

I am in need of information on any insurance companies that cover the cost of the lap band surgery.  I have done all I can do in order to help fix my problem on my own and I don't know what else to do.


This is a big decision, as you know. Lap band surgery is performed to help people lose weight when they are significantly overweight.

It is now recognized that this procedure isn't just "elective" or "cosmetic", but can be vital for the health of the patient. As a result, some insurers do cover the procedure -- but certainly not all.

I have found a number of sources of information that may be helpful to you, both in finding a surgeon who is covered under various health plans, as well as information on insurers that may cover the surgery, and even information on how to get your surgery covered by your current insurer.

The main recommendation is to put together a case to get this procedure covered. Documentation of all the steps you have taken to date to attempt to resolve your weight challenge is critical. Join any local or online support groups where you can get advice from folks who have been down this road before you. You may have some additional steps to take that will help your case, like a psychological assessment or putting together a comprehensive dieting history. This will be where you will have to take responsibility for ensuring that your case is well represented, so that your insurer will not have any excuse to say "no".

So, you need to get your case together and you need to be well-informed.

My first suggestion is They have a wide variety of information on the site, including a link to an article on how to get your surgery covered by your current insurer.

I also looked up surgeons that would be performing this surgery in Mississippi. A knowledgeable surgeon may also be able to help you work through the insurance issues, although the majority of the work will still fall to you. also has an insurance help forum, where you can post questions and get suggestions. Your best assistance is likely from other folks who have travelled this road before you.
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Unfortunately, this is a constantly changing list -- and some insurance companies will cover the surgery, but only if you can put together a good case. Your best bet is to approach your current insurer and find out if they have any procedure for getting unusual medical procedures covered. Also, check with experts in your area, including physicians who do this kind of surgery, to see if they have any suggestions for you. They will often be great resources for identifying insurers who do cover this surgery.

Posted by janet on May 28,2007 at 4:26 PM

What insurances cover the lap band?

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