Trying to Collect Long Term Disability

I'm a male age 60. I had 5 bypasses in mid 2003. I've submitted an LTD claim on the advice of my top management because of continuing cardiac and mental problems. Of the three physicians that submitted statements on my claim, the cardiologist has doubts of disability, while my primary care physician and my psychiatrist both submitted statements that I'm disabled and unable to perform the job I had and will not improve.

My question is, based on your knowledge of LTD, do you think the cardiologist being doubtful and all others, physicians and management, agreeing on disability, will I be approved or rejected?  If rejected, what recourse will I have?   


You don't want to give the insurer a reason to reject you. Unfortunately, having one of your doctors declare that he is doubtful regarding your disability does not work in your favour. Since the "specialist" is the one who is indicating a doubt regarding your disability, the insurer may consider this statement more credible than the statements of your primary care physician and psychiatrist.

Is there any way you can meet with the cardiologist and discuss the problem? Perhaps you can find out his reasons for his report. If you do, you can present to him the reports from your other physicians and give him the information that he needs to potentially change his mind.

The better (and less ambiguous) a case you have for LTD, the better.
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