Finding Home Life Insurance Company of New York

My husband and I are trying to locate an insurance company that we are not sure still exists.  We found an insurance certificate from "Home Life Insurance Company, New York".  There is no address or contact information on the certificate, which was signed by the Registrar at the Home Office of Home Life Insurance Company on February 19, 1975.  The policy holder passed away and my husband is the beneficiary. 

How can we find out if this company still exists, or possibly changed names?


I looked up this company on the Consumer Search for a Company function, through the Texas Department of Insurance. I've said this before: these folks have the best search tool for finding both active and inactive insurance companies that I've seen on the web.

You can find this tool at:

According to the Texas Department of Insurance, Home Life Insurance Company of New York has become Phoenix Home Life Insurance. You can contact them at:

Mailing Address:  P O Box 5056
 One American Row
 Hartford CT 06102-5056
Office Number: (860)403-5000
Toll Free Number: (800)814-3692

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