Does Sell Auto Insurance in Florida?

Do you sell auto Insurance to residents of the state of Florida?


No: we don't sell insurance of any kind. What we do is provide you with great information on when to buy insurance, how to buy insurance, and what insurance you really need.

In other words, we are here to help you make a good purchase when you go to get insurance.

If you want insurance, you can start your shopping with us. Our trusted sponsor links will take you directly to insurers and service providers that will give you quotes on insurance. In fact, you can often complete your entire insurance purchase online.

Whether you actually purchase online or not, you can do a lot of your "footwork" on the Internet. That will save you time and effort. And, if you make use of our site first to educate yourself, you can avoid buying coverage you don't need, or paying more than you should.

One shopping tip: always get at least 3 quotes on insurance coverage. You can find a big difference in prices for the same coverage, depending on the company and its unique claims history and underwriting rules.

But don't just buy the cheapest insurance -- check out your prospective insurer and see if they are deserving of your business. You can do this by visiting A.M. Best to get a financial rating (to be sure your insurer will be there to pay a claim when you need them.)

You can also check out your local Department of Insurance in the US, to find out if there are complaints logged against the insurer, and what their history is with customer service. In Canada, check out for information on your insurer.
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