Cash Surrender Value

I have accidental death insurance through the Stonebridge Life Insurance Company of Valley Forge. To make a long story short, the housing authority I have to deal with wants to know the cash surrender value of this policy. What is this and how do I find the information?


Cash surrender value is the cash value of your life insurance policy.

If you have whole life or universal life insurance, your insurance is doing two things: it is protecting you with a death benefit for your beneficiary and it's saving money for you at the same time. This kind of insurance is the only kind that has a surrender value. If you have term life insurance, there is no surrender value.

Now, the surrender value will be less than the death benefit, and will depend completely on how much you've paid towards the policy at this time. If the policy is fully paid up, you should be able to find the surrender value in the policy wording. However, if the policy is not yet fully paid up, you'll have to contact the insurance company to see how much cash value has accrued so far.
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