Broken Dishwasher Damages and Condo Insurance

A broken dishwasher apparently caused damages in the owners unit. Does the condo insurance cover these damages or is it the responsibility of the owner's insurance? Also, is the dishwasher considered part of the condo if it is of an unknown original purchase by a previous owner?


Claims for damages in condominium units are generally a bit of a nightmare. Having said that, I'll give you my opinion in this matter.

If the dishwasher is owned by the unit holder and damaged the unit holder's goods, it is likely the responsibility of the unit holder and the unit holder's contents insurance. If the damages were to "common element" or structural components of the unit, then the condominium corporation's insurance would come into play.

As I understand it, unless the dishwasher itself was provided as a standard item in every unit, it would not be considered a part of the condo.

Now, having said all this, it's been my experience as both a condo owner and a condo Board Member and President, that all bets are off when claims are made in condominiums. In all likelihood, all insurance companies that are involved in condo claims will first deny a claim. It seems to be almost standard procedure. In most cases, you have to be very persistent to actually get a claim paid, and it will require speaking with all insurers involved. Don't be surprised if legal assistance is also required.
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