Finding Mutual Fire Insurance Company

I was in a car accident in New Jersey. The man who hit me was insured in North Carolina. The name of the insurance company listed on the police report is Mutual Fire Insurance Co,. North Carolina. I do not have a phone number to call to settle this claim. I have tried directory assistance and there seems to be Several pages of phone numbers with names similar to this.  The numbers that I have called under this name say that they do not issue car insurance. Do you have any type of list or guide of phone numbers, etc. that I can look into?  I am on the internet and this seem like the most likely place to receive this information.


As you already know, there is no North Carolina licensed insurer named specifically "Mutual Fire Insurance Company".

However, I contacted the North Carolina Department of Insurance and got an asnwer from Bob Lisson, the Deputy Commissioner. He says, "One possibility is that the company is actually Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company, which can be reached at (800) 977-6301.

If it turns out that this is not the right company, let me know and we'll identify some other companies that have "mutual fire" in their names."

You can reach Mr. Lisson at his email,, or by phone at (919) 733-4813.

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