How to Get Quotes and Find a Good Insurer

I am new at all this. We just don't understand how to shop around without making an application. How can I get quotes from insurers? How do I even locate good reputable insurance companies? We live in Gainesville Fl.


Your best way to get quotes is to do so online. However, you can also call local insurance brokers, and they will provide you with quotes after walking you through an information gathering process. Then, they will take your information and see which company (from the ones that they work with) will give you the best rate.

As for locating good, reputable companies, your best bet is to approach the Department of Insurance for Florida. The Department of Insurance in most states can tell you about complaints lodged against an insurer and can help you with insurance questions that you might have. You can find them for Florida at:
Posted by on November 11,2006 at 8:46 AM
By the way, if you want online quotes, why not try out our trusted sponsor links? While some of these links will require you to ultimately speak with an agent, others will allow you to go through the entire process of getting a quote online.

Getting quotes online saves you time and legwork. You can also do it on your own schedule rather than having to wait for business hours.
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