Getting Help From Medicaid

I mailed in my request for medicaid coverage for my son about 6 weeks ago. I have not heard a reply.  Can you tell me why?


Medicaid tends to take a fair bit of time to respond to applications. I checked their website and got the following information:

Your state must process a complete regular Medicaid application within 45 days -- this is a standard of service. (This would mean that you may be hearing regarding your son's application soon.) However, your state does have 90 days to process a complete application based on disability. If your application is unsuccessful, it could be because of a lack of full  documentation or incompleteness of the application.

If you didn't send in all the information that the Medicaid people want, you may get a request for more information in the next few days.
Posted by on November 17,2006 at 4:13 PM
An additional note: for quick answers to many Medicaid questions, check out
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