Young Drivers and Car Insurance

I am a divorced parent of a sixteen year old daughter living in the state of New York. My daughter, recently received her driver permit.

She lives equally (50/50) between myself and her mother. Does she need be added to both our insurance policies as occasional driver? Does the kind of insurance coverage I should have change once she passes her road test and has a valid drivers licence issued by the state?

Would you recommend any other resources to check regarding this matter?


I would absolutely have both you and your ex-wife add your daughter as an occasional driver on your policies. She must have coverage in both vehicles, and this is the best way to ensure that. While it means that you both pay an additional amount to have her drive, she is fully covered.

There's no other way that I know of for a new driver, that will also be cost effective.

I don't think that the insurance coverage will change when she gets her final drivers license. However, if she has done defensive driving training, or a certified drivers training of some kind, and is an A student, she may qualify for discounts once she has her license. Be sure to check with your insurer.

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