Insurance Without A Credit Score?

Are there any insurance companies that do not use credit scores?


I searched the Internet to find companies that indicated that they don't use credit scores. It would appear that those who aren't yet using credit scores are not publicizing that they don't use them.

According to,
over 90% largest personal automobile insurers are now using  credit information as part of their underwriting process. This is a very recent trend with a number of these companies only starting to use this data in the past 3 years. There's more bad news: over half of these insurers also used your credit score not just to determine whether to insure you but also how much to charge you. 

If you are in the US, try checking with your local Insurance Commissioner or Deparment of Insurance. They could be aware of companies that don't use credit score. You can find them through this tool at the NAIC site:

If you need help with your own coverage, please check out some of the auto insurers who have sponsored this page.


An update to this post....

I put out a question to a few others about potential insurers who do not use credit scores. Here's what I found out:

American Family apparently does not use credit scores, but may be looking at doing it.

Alliance Mutual doesn't use credit scores.

Leader Insurance does not use credit score.

Hartland doesn't use credit scores, but only writes in ND.

Apparently, if you are looking for insurance without having to provide a credit score, your best bet overall are the smaller, regional insurers. Your state Department of Insurance or Insurance Commissioner would be the first place to go to identify smaller, regional insurers.
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