Boat Insurance for a Canadian "Snowbird"

I need to know if there are some boat insurance product that I can buy if I am not a US citizen.  I will be going in Florida with a trailerable sailboat (macgregor 26X) on my trailer from January 10 till march 10, and I need to have some liability coverage for this period. I can't find anything  that will cover me in Canada.  Most insurance policies are not covering past New York.


I've researched on the net, and have been unable to find a Canadian lead for you. My best advice is to contact the Department of Insurance in Florida, and see if they can direct you to an insurer, and then buy the insurance you need from someone in the states.

The Florida Department of Insurance can be found on the web at:
Posted by on January 14,2007 at 10:14 AM
Since my original post, I've found a link on Insurance Canada that deals with boat insurance. In fact, this page even lists sites to get quotes. Check out:
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