Health Insurance for Infertility

If I am currently insured under a group health plan, but am looking for a plan that will cover infertility, how do I go about selecting a plan that I KNOW will cover these costs?


In this case, it's all about the fine print on the policy. Don't sign up for anything before you have obtained documentation that explains in detail whether infertility treatments are fully covered.

Infertility treatments are incredibly expensive. I know; a brother and sister-in-law of mine went through the whole gamut of treatment, right up to IVF. The expenses ran into the tens of thousands of dollars. So, it makes sense to see if you can get coverage for this before you start racking up expensive medical bills.

Having said that, I suspect that most (if not all) insurance plans will exclude some (if not most) infertility procedures. This is "elective" medicine (although it's understandably not viewed that way by those who are dealing with infertility). I was treated for a minor infertility problem with a standard medication called Clomid. All of this was covered for me -- but I didn't have to seek a specialist, and I didn't have to have any special procedures done.
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