Equestrian Farm Liability and Health Insurance for Owners

I'm shopping around for farm and liability insurance. We are a budding Equestrian Breeding and Training Facility in Canada. I most importantly need liability for teaching and coaching riders, as well as for training client horses. What can you do for us?

Also can you tailor health insurance to include such things as alternative medicines? The nature of this job sometimes requires a lot of maintenance to the body and I make regular visits to Physiotherapy, accupuncture and sometimes the chiropractor.


Let me clear up one piece of confusion: we are not an insurance company, so we can't tailor coverage for you nor sell you a policy of any kind. However, we're more than happy to provide you with some additional information to help you shop for a policy.

You'll need the same kinds of coverage that any small business will need. You could check out our section on business insurance for some good information. However, you'll also need some unique coverage for your livestock and the farming aspect of your business. Check out our page on farm insurance for some additional ideas.

As you have mentioned, you will need extra liability insurance. Your business should have an "umbrella liability" policy, and you should carry a substantial amount of this insurance. I'd recommend at least $10 million in coverage. Otherwise, a serious lawsuit could be devastating. You might also want to consider extra liability for hired help.

As for your health insurance needs, you might want to look into some companies in Canada that actually allow you to tailor coverages to your needs. There are a number of companies that offer personal insurance that you can customize. If you check out the Insurance Canada site, it has some ideas. You can also check out the trusted sponsors on our health insurance section.
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