Renter Insurance and a Trampoline

I am a renter & recently got a trampoline for my kids.  Is there any insurance I can get which will keep my landlord from being liable?  He says his insurance can cancel him if they find out there is a trampoline on the premises.  It is in a completely fenced in yard.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.


As far as I know there is no way for you to buy a policy that would completely remove your landlord's exposure to a liability claim if someone was hurt on the trampoline. The issue is that most renters policies in general will not cover items which are outside of the rental unit. You may be able to buy a special endorsement for your trampoline, but that still wouldn't protect your landlord (and his insurance policy) from being named in a suit.

Unfortunately, some insurers have deemed trampolines to be a "high risk" because of injuries. In the last few years, insurers overall have taken a much harder stance on such things, and they will cancel his policy if they find out that you have one. Once he has had his insurance cancelled, he is likely to find it hard to get insurance -- or he will pay much higher prices to get it. That could easily backfire on you, as higher rental costs.
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