Consumer Satisfaction and Insurance Companies

I want to know if there is a guide to consumer satisfaction with insurance companies.  I've seen several financial rating guides, but if the company is very well off financially, but they are terrible when a disaster happens, then their financial stability is useless to me.  Comparing quotes does not help either if the insurance company will do anything they can think of to either not pay or delay payment when there is a major loss how much you pay a month is not relevant.


You make an excellent point regarding insurers: just because they are making money doesn't mean that they give good customer service. In fact, in some cases the ones making the most money can be the worst with customer service, especially if they are also publicly traded.

There isn't any "customer satisfaction" guide for insurance companies. The next best thing is to check with your Department of Insurance (if you live in the US). They keep a record of complaints lodged against insurers operating in their state. You can check the NAIC site for a search tool that will take you directly to your local division.

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