Homeowners Insurance Policy Endorsement

The homeowners insurance policy endorsement insurance is the simplest and least expensive option for your home business. An 'endorsement' insurance policy allows you to specify a higher level of coverage for home business equipment such as a computer, a fax machine, a printer, and so on.

Consider replacement cost when you are insuring your home office equipment. As you probably know new computers are much more valuable than your current depreciated equipment.

Now, this covers your 'things', but it doesn't cover your business activities. This is an area which you might want to consider additional insurance coverage, especially in today's litigation-prone society. And you need liability insurance coverage in case clients or other folks related to your business (say, the guy who delivers courier packages) get hurt on your property. In this case you can also buy homeowners liability endorsement insurance to give you extra liability coverage.

Be aware: you may not qualify for liability coverage through your home policy. Most insurers will require that your home business is of the type that receives few business-related visitors. Writers often qualify for this kind of endorsement. However, if you have clients in and out all day you will likely have to look at each an In Home Business Policy Insurance or a Business Owner's Policy (BOP).

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