Top 10 Highest Premium States

It always seems that insurance costs are going up, not down. Yet, how much of that money are you paying just because of where you live? You might be surprised to find out that where you live can make a big difference.

For that matter, a simple move from a rural to a suburban area could cost you substantially. Why? It's all about risk. As you move closer to a city, your chances of being involved in an accident increases, as the levels of traffic increase. It's worth looking at before you decide to move, so that it's not a surprise additional cost later.

On top of that, it can even make a difference which state you live in! Some states have had much higher percentage increases in insurance than others. In fact, while some states have experienced large increases, others have actually had rate reductions overall.

The states that had the biggest increases include:

  1. Louisiana at 21.6%
  2. South Carolina at 16.4%
  3. Arkansas at 13.5%
  4. Nevada at 13.3%
  5. Montana at 12.7%
  6. WY at 12.2%
  7. Florida at 10.6%
  8. Connecticut at 10.6%
  9. Virginia at 10.0%
  10. Maryland at 8.6%

Only Maryland saw less than a double-digit increase.

But not every state suffered. Some states got large decreases in premiums! If you lived in New Hampshire, you likely saw a decrease of just under 14%. If you lived in North Carolina, you saw a decrease of almost 10% on average. These are very nice numbers for the consumer.

But what if you don't want to move to another state just to save on insurance? Most of us wouldn't. However, even in places where you are paying more on average, shopping around can help to save you money.

It's extremely important to compare rates from multiple companies because rates can vary by hundreds or more from one company to another for the exact same coverage. In most cases, you should get at least 3 quotes on your car insurance before you buy. And also don't forget to check up on your insurance periodically, even if you are happy with your insurance provider. Sometimes, the best deal has changed, while you weren't shopping around.

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