Health Insurance

Health insurance is a definite must-have – the news is full of stories about the high cost of health care, and we've all heard of people who went bankrupt trying to pay for medical procedures and health care out of their own pockets. So how can you find affordable health insurance that still meets all your needs? It's simple – you have to shop around.

Low Cost Health Insurance

For many who find themselves on a budget, finding the right low cost health insurance can be a challenge. Often, no single health insurance plan will cover all medical needs – but some will be more useful than others. Your first step is to consider your primary targets of coverage. Will you need low cost individual insurance, low cost family insurance or low cost health insurance for children?

Many plans will offer fee-for-service coverage, which allows you to book a visit with any health professional, then make a claim on your insurance provider. The insurance company will cover you for part of the cost, often up to 80 percent.

However, most low cost plans will be "managed care," such as HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations) or PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations). These plans allow you to receive a variety of health benefits, covering most common needs, for a set price – however, the medical professional you consult must be approved by the organization. Often, there may be a slight charge for your visit, but generally no more than $25.

Which ever plan you decide to choose, it's important you do your research to ensure it's the right plan for your needs – consider issues like:

  • Deductibles
  • Existing medical conditions
  • Whether the plan extends beyond general health care into prescriptions, medical devices or specialist care.

Health Insurance Quotes

Once you've examined your needs, getting the right price comes down to obtaining a variety of individual health insurance quotes. Not surprisingly, online health insurance quotes are available in abundance. You can access them easily, with just a few key pieces of information. Pop them into a form, such as the one below, and you'll have instant health insurance quotes at your fingertips.

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