Kinds of Health Insurance Coverage

Fee for Service Health Insurance - Fee for service health insurance policies expect you to pay the fee each time you see a health professional. There are pros and cons to this approach. Fee for service insurance offers maximum flexibility - you are not 'tied' to one doctor, you can choose your health professional each time you visit. However, you must pay for your treatment up-front, before you leave and then submit a claim to your health insurance company and wait for your check to hit your mailbox.

Managed Care Health Insurance - Managed care health insurance policies are considered the "hot" trend in health insurance today. These plans attempt to keep health care costs low, while ensuring that you get the right care at the right time.

Short Term Health Insurance - Short-term health insurance can cover you during those "in-between days." You may have just graduated from college or left a job, or maybe your new employer's group health plan has a waiting period. These are all those in-between times when short-term health insurance can help keep you covered - if you can get it in your area.

Health Plans for College Students - When your children are young and healthy, health insurance is not a big concern unless your child is sick. Besides, your children are covered under your health insurance, right? But what happens when they leave home and head off to college? Are they still covered? Most employer-sponsored group health plans cover your child up to the ages of 20 or 24 years old, as long as they are still in school. If your health plan doesn't, you may want to look into the health plan offered by your child's college or university.

Health Insurance for the Self Employed - Are you self-employed? Do you run your own business or work freelance? The self-employed are one of the fastest growing populations in today's workforce. While there are many advantages to working for yourself, there are also many disadvantages. One of those disadvantages can be negotiating policies for your health and dental coverage.

Small Business Health Insurance - Do you run a small business? Do you employ between 2 and 50 people in your company? With as few as two employees, you may qualify for a group dental or health insurance plan. The cost of health insurance for a small business varies greatly depending on the number of employee's in your company, the coverage you want to provide and your insurance provider.

Group Health Insurance and Individual Health Insurance - When it comes to health insurance, you have many options. You can choose to insure yourself and your family independently through a broker or you can be insured as part of a group. You will pay more for individual health insurance, but you will get coverage customized to the needs of your family. You can expect to pay less for group health insurance because the risk to the health insurance company is spread over the group, not just one person or one family.

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