Additional Liability Coverage

It's true that most home insurance policies - whether for the home, condo or apartment - will have a liability component. However, many people now carry umbrella liability policies as well in order to give them and their families more protection.

Should you do that? Well, here's what you have to consider: how much can you lose? In today's litigious environment many suit's are for large amounts. The liability in your home insurance policy is not likely to be enough.

Your umbrella liability insurance kicks in once you have exhausted the coverage through your home insurance. It is relatively inexpensive (between $15 and $20 per month) to have an additional $1 million personal liability. Most liability insurance companies will want you to have existing coverage through your home policy of at least $250,000 and coverage through your auto insurance of $300,000 (which is normally the state minimum). Then, you purchase your umbrella liability insurance over and above that.

Generally, it's recommended that you have this additional liability insurance if you have personal assets you would like to protect.

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