Home Liability Insurance

Most home insurance policies will include some liability coverage. Most home insurance policies provide a minimum of $100,000 liability. You should consider $250,000 to $300,000 usually. While this might seem a small amount compared to the recommended liability protection that you should carry on your car, it's generally sufficient.

You might want to consider additional home liability insurance coverage if you keep any kind of hazardous machinery around the house; maybe you are a hobbyist wood worker or if you collect guns. Accidents with power tools and firearms are more deadly than your regular, garden-variety accident. If someone sues you because they are hurt by a gun on your property you will want to have additional coverage; given a litigious society and an ambivalent attitude towards guns in many areas.

Because lawsuits are more common today many are not comfortable with the level of liability in their home insurance liability policy. You can't blame them. If you aren't comfortable consider an additional "umbrella liability" home insurance policy. This is extra home liability coverage which will kick in when the liability under your home owner policy is exhausted.

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