Types Of Life Insurance

Life insurance gives you some options

In most cases, term life insurance is your best buy. This is because your need for life insurance actually decreases over time - when your mortgage is paid off, when the kids are already through college and on their own or when you are into your retirement years.

Permanent life insurance provides you with a saving's account coupled with a life insurance policy, in most cases. Premiums tend to be higher in part because many of these policies will develop a 'cash value' over time. Now, if you really want to save money you are generally better off with a savings account. However, for some people, the need to 'liquidate' a life insurance policy in order to get the cash helps to protect these savings.

Think carefully. You'll pay a higher amount for the life insurance at the same time that you are getting the 'cash value' on the policy. Because it does develop a cash value, you are in fact increasing the risk to the life insurance company. Therefore, it's going to cost you more.

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