RV Insurance Discounts

Think there's no way to get a better deal on RV insurance? Think again! Just like auto insurance, RV insurance will provide discounts to clients who meet certain conditions. In most cases, you can get discounts for memberships that you likely already have! All you have to do is qualify for the discount by sending the right documentation to your insurer.

There are a number of discounts that apply to RVs:

  1. RV Association Membership
    An RV association membership is a good investment. You'll generally receive a discount if the RV owner is a member of a national or regional RV association such as Good Sam, Camping World President's Club, Escapees, FMCA or Thousand Trails. A copy of your membership card must accompany your application for RV insurance.
  1. Manufacturers' Club Membership
    Here's another opportunity. You can often receive a discount if you're a member of the owners' club for Winnebago, Holiday Rambler, Allegro, Coachmen, Gulfstream, Newmar, Monaco or other approved clubs.
  2. Defensive Driver/"55 Alive"/CDL
    A "refresher" driving course never hurt anyone. You can receive a discount if the principal operator of the RV has completed the "55 Alive" or other state-certified defensive driving course. If you haven't already taken a course like this, consider it! A current Commercial Driver's License (CDL) also qualifies. A copy of your license or course completion certificate must accompany your application.
  3. Audible Alarm
    This discount applies to any kind of vehicle. Anti-theft devices and alarms are often factory-installed on newer vehicles. In any case, you will generally receive a discount if an audible alarm, which at least deters entry to the living area, is installed on your RV.

Keep in mind that other discounts may be available on a state-specific basis. It pays to ask if there are discounts available and how you might qualify.

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